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Client: CRS Commercial Realty

The O'Brien Builders' Testimonials

It has been said, "Integrity is what we do, what we say, and what we say we do." It has never been more true than at O'Brien Builders. Selecting the right way to do a job is not always the least expensive, or the quickest, but just ask an O'Brien Builders' client if they appreciate O'Brien Builders' commitment to excellence and you will hear......


"....Persistent, flexible, concerned, caring with excellent execution. He knows the officials and the people in power. Will meet reasonable deadlines. Top rated person and company. No detail too small to be overlooked."    Kevin F. Ciresi, MD -

"....In every case, O'Brien Builders has performed far beyond my expectations. Mike O'Brien and his staff's attention to detail, quality and management skills have been exceptional."     - Ray Fox, Architect

"....I really appreciate how easy you and your staff made the whole process. We have started using the surgery center, and I can tell it will be a great place to spend the rest of my career."     -  Bradford Prescott, MD

"....Thank you for standing behind your expectations for delivery of quality work. Many times over the course of our remodel we heard the OBB superintendent say that Mike O'Brien demands quality, and he can only sign off on quality work."     -  Lisa Kurtz, CFO, Cork Supply USA  

"....Communication skills, timely completions, qualified staff and subcontractors, competent management all make working with O'Brien Builders a positive relationship. The integrity and dependability of the company starts with the owner and continues to all involved. I would not hesitate to recommend O'Brien Builders as part of the project team."     -  Tom Wilson, President, ARC Inc.  -

"....I would consider Mike O'Brien a dependable and responsible contractor whose energy for being involved in his work and satisfying his clients would make him an asset to any development team. I would not hesitate to recommend O'Brien Builders and will use them again."     - Jack Hussey, Dept. of Architecture and Construction, St. Mary's College

"....They have exhibited reliability, maintained a professional manner, produced a high quality product and are very thorough. I would recommend their services to others."     -  Rudy E. Aquilar, Dir. Biomedical Services, Total Renal Care, Inc.  -


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